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You can have all the information in the world but that is no use unless you act! Action is the most essential part of success. This rings true when it comes to your health. To act is sometimes hard so we all need a little motivation. It has been said that motivation is just like eating, you need regular sittings. …


Importance of flexibility

A balanced body is not only strong, but also flexible. oga is a great practice to incorporate into your exercise regime. It not only counteracts stress and tension, but can sculpt your body and improve your flexibility. At HYH we offer a range of group exercise programs including: outdoor boot camps, fitness boxing, yoga and meditation classes. For more information …

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Successful weightloss

Sam Mower, Director Harness Your Health, regularly contributes to health and fitness articles. See a slideshow of a few of these by clicking here. http://www.flickr.com/photos/harnessyourhealth/sets/72157624401053125/ WW article Apr 2010 1 Check out the April issue of Weight Watchers magazine featuring Sam Mower from Harness Your Health.


Resistance training

The objective of resistance training is to train and develop specific muscles in the body, like the arms or the legs of an individual. Resistance training will allow you to tone the body and increase your lean muscle mass which will lift your resting metabolic rate (the amount of calories your body burns at rest). It is important to maintain …

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We all know that exercise is good for us but what actually is exercise? Exercise is physical activity that has been planned. Physical activity means that we are moving our bodies. In order to move the muscles must burn fuels! The most common fuel sources the body utilizes are fats and carbohydrates. Incidental exercise is that exercise or movement you …


Convenient nutrition

Sometimes it is hard to prepare a meal due to time constraints or you are on a calorie restriction for some reason such as being a lightweight rower, dancer or boxer. In this case it is important to get as much nutrition in every calorie of food as possible. This is what we call nutritional density! Lots of nutrition contained …


Juice Plus Products

“Eat more fruits and vegetables.” It’s the one recommendation in almost every diet plan, every guide to nutrition, every fitness book. Even organisations such as the Australian Government 2 & 5 vegeman program, the World Health Organisation, the CSIRO all agree. But as much as it’s preached, most people still can’t, don’t or just won’t eat enough fruits and vegetables …

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Natural v.s synthetic

Most vitamins these days are man made!! They come from a factory not an orchard. They are not the same as the vitamins that occur naturally in foods. They lack the life force that is provided by mother nature. In essence it is like looking at plastic flowers, they look real enough but if you try to smell them they …


How to choose well

Firstly it is important to know if your nutritional support comes from nature or if it is man made? Like anything, it is always best to go for the most natural of anything that you can. Nutritional support is no different. Man made compounds have not been around for thousands of years so the long term effects on the human …

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Nutritional Support

Eating a variety of whole grains, fresh raw fruits and vegetables and lean proteins are the corner stone of a good diet. The sad reality is that most people do not meet their daily nutritional requirements to stay in optimal health, a fact that has greatly affected the health of our society today. This is where nutritional support comes in. …